5 key IMPLEMENTATION Approaches

We know that for change to be successful it has to be managed well and adapted to the context of your organisation – one size fits no one.

With this in mind, our implementation approaches are bespoke and tailored to your needs, enabling us to work as your partners, bringing our capacity and capability, but under your ownership.

Implementation is where we work with you to really integrate the change and bring it to life. Our 5 Sustainable Change steps are underpinned by our 5 implementation approaches. These act as the change ‘glue’; binding together the activities around design, talent and culture.

Combining our design practices with our implementation approaches, organisational change becomes Sustainable Change.


Sometimes project management and change management get mixed up. Sometimes one happens and not the other and sometimes they are done in isolation and become disconnected.

At Third Approach we do both, they work alongside each other, and they always remain connected.

Project management serves to work with you to deliver the project on time and on budget, and is set around agreed key success criteria and milestones.

Change management sets the ground rules for change, agrees who’s involved and when, and who and where the decision makers are. Key success criteria will also be agreed and in place at the outset.


Most change programmes include some form of engagement, but in our experience this can be top-down and often just communication. Our strategies and tools are where top-down meets bottom-up.

Change is edgy, so our interventions help your people get over that edge. We work on the basis of inclusion so the change is owned across the organisation. Our tools will ensure:

  • There is a sense of shared purpose about the change
  • Your people reconnect to the vision and the essence of the organisation so it’s felt, and lived (not just read)
  • Your people are involved in some way, and they know how their input will be used
  • Your people know what the change means to them, as well as to the customer, client or consumer


Our true belief is that businesses work most effectively and deliver the best results when the people within them are connected and aligned.

Our approaches to organisational connectivity breaks down the silo’s that are often a hangover from traditional organisation structures. It builds and strengthens relationships within teams and across teams, departments, offices and geographies. Creating clarity, perspective and commonality by reconnecting and finding connections where there were previously barriers.


Getting the organisation ready for change is key. It’s also essential to build the capability internally to see it through. We will work with your leaders, managers and teams to build that capability for whatever might happen in the future.

Pace of change is important here and we will continue to review the ‘change readiness’ throughout, speeding up when appropriate and giving space when needed.


Leadership is critical to the success of change, as just a small level of misalignment can cause integration issues.

Naturally there will be competing commitments amongst the leaders, ghosts from the past that may occasionally surface, so our professional team and systems coaching will create a safe space for these issues to be addressed as a team.

Our Leadership Team coaching enables teams to establish how they can best lead the changed organisation successfully.

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