We recognise that one size fits no-one, so we tailor everything we do to fit your needs.

Our agile way of working enables us to work with businesses of various shapes and sizes. These can range from 300 to 5000 employees, from domestic to international, from family owned to PE’s. If this fits you, or even if it doesn’t, we’d love to hear from you.

We recognise that different businesses have different capacity internally to manage change. Therefore we have three broad ways we can work with your business. You choose:

All of It - Some of It - A piece of it


Our clients will often want to utilise us for our expertise along with objectivity, external credibility and to meet capacity and capability gaps. Working with us in the design AND implementation of change. All of it offers

All 5 phases of Sustainable Change

  • Change Principles
  • Current State & Gaps
  • New Design
  • Talent
  • Embed

Implementation using our 5 key underpinning approaches

We’ll leave you with the tools to sustain the change into the future, checking back with you to ensure all is still on track.


On occasion our clients will have enough capability and capacity internally to implement the change, but are seeking our expertise to get through to the design phases.

With some of it, Third Approach will take you up to the organisation design and include:

  • Change Principle
  • Current State and Gap Analysis, including an insight report
  • New Design


If our clients are confident they have the capability, capacity and technical expertise to design and deliver the change, but need some tools and methodologies to do it, we are able to offer this in support.

A piece of it will give you:

  • The tools & resources for you to design and manage the change
  • 4 days of sustainable change training for your team

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